Paper Lantern for Wedding

colourful paper lanterncolourful paper lantern

colourful paper lantern

colourful paper lantern

Paper lantern for wedding has become the trend nowadays. The presence of wedding paper lantern will influence to the wedding itself. It can make our wedding looks glamour, intimate, colorful, and elegant. Based in its function, paper lantern is used for lighting. It is used as a substitute to provide artificial light at night. Nowadays, people use lanterns as a decorative item as these provide ethnic yet contemporary look to the surroundings. Wedding paper lantern then used as a special decorative item that not only makes the venue look ethnic yet trendy.

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Purchasing Paper Lanterns for Wedding

glamour paper lanternglamour paper lantern

There are many vendors who provide and offer the varieties of paper lantern for wedding such as Asian Import Store which offers a wide and beautiful variety of wedding lanterns that can also be used in birthday parties, family gathering parties and other occasions.

green paper lanterngreen paper lantern

The wedding lanterns add charismatic effect to your party and can be strung both for indoor and outdoor wedding. You can choose your wedding paper lantern based on the theme, the characteristics, even fit with your wedding dress, because these are available in various colors and sizes. Such as the picture above, the green wedding lantern shows the natural theme of the wedding.

Another function of paper wedding lantern is that you can also use wedding lanterns to send off messages for a wedding couple by fixing them stationary or can float them in the sky. you can also put them over the table.

paper lanterns over tablepaper lanterns over table

In choosing the paper lanterns for your wedding, you have to consider:

  1. You have to find out the size of your space before purchasing it. You have to decide how many lanterns you need in appropriate with your banquet/room/tent space.
  2. If you feel confuse in choosing the colors to match, white paper lantern for wedding will be the best choose.
  3. If you want to make your guest say “wow” at the first time when they see your lanterns, you have to choose several different sizes and hang them at varied heights.
  4. Before purchasing the lanterns, you have to make sure that the lantern comes with the lighting set (if you need them to be lit) or if it is sold separately. Commonly, it is sold separately. It mans you have to be able to string up that.

Wedding paper lantern will be very beneficial in your wedding especially if you hold the wedding at night. The presence of wedding lantern and wedding centerpieces will be very elegant.

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